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Yes, I will have a Coda POP with that iTunes please.

iFrogz Coda POP blue tooth speaker and hands free device. Cons: Takes a special plug to charge. Only a few hours of battery life. (I have played it more then two hours on one charge, but its advertised at two hours) Pros: Size, Water Resistant, Easy to Pair, AUX Jack, Many colors. I like to […]

This Jam can help you BURN Calories!

This Jam comes in a jar. This Jam comes in flavors. And this Jam can help you burn calories. HMDX Jam is a small bluetooth speaker that has Big sound. In fact, When I first paired this bluetooth speaker to my iPad, I was amazed by the sound, I actually looked around to see what […]

Blue Ant gets a Blue Ribbon with the “Ribbon”

Have you ever had a favorite pair of ear bud or earphones that you wished were bluetooth enabled? Have you gotten tired of cords? Or how about turning your car stereo or home theater in to the perfect iDevice receiver? Or how about that old pair of decent computer speakers?¬† Blue Ant had a solution […]

Luvvitt’s Ipad Keyboard, I love it!

I have had the privilege of working with three keyboards for the iPad this week. I like each one for different reasons but if I had to choose just one, I think it would be the Luvvitt’s Ultra Slim Keyboard. First off, it feels very natural typing on this keyboard. That is the biggest draw […]

This blog brought to you by Hatch&Co.

I am typing on what could be one of the slimmest keyboards known to the iWorld. It comes with a hard shell case and its made by Hatch&Co. Ok, its just really cool. The keys are flat, and only takes a slight touch to type. Unlike most silicon covered boards which you have to hit […]

Now this is totally usefull!

I walked the isles of the iLounge yesterday, I think I got most of it covered. The iLounge is any and everything for the iDevice.¬† There is one thing that sticks out in my mind that I think almost every one can use. A gang usb power strip. How many of us have devices that […]

Day 2 and I am ready to go!

I looked this morning and I have 4 new devices charging¬† today. And that’s only day one. Today I will cover the iLounge area and the PMA portion of the show. I hope I have enough time. Yesterday, I walked 12,436 steps, covering more then 9 miles of floor. You can track my progress of […]

CES has started for me……

I just got my 7th CES Press bag. This means this is my 7th year at this event, and for me, getting my press bag is the start of this great electronic show. The next event for me, in just a few hours is the CES Unveiled, three hours of the newest products for this […]

ThinkTankPhoto’s Speed Racer 2.0

ThinkTankPhoto’s Speed Racer 2.0 . I am not sure if I need to classify this as a shoulder bag, or a waist belt/bag. It’s both! Not only that, you can use it either or and together as both. Simply put, for some jobs, this is the perfect bag. I can cram a 100-400 mm, Flash, […]

Making an iPhone (or Andriod) Feel more like a camera?

This is a press release I just got. This looks like it would be lots of fun… cooltopia Announces Snappgrip, a Snap-On Smartphone Camera Grip providing Full Control with One Hand Snappgrip empowers iPhone and Galaxy S3 photographers with enhanced grip and easy access to camera functions See Snappgrip at the CES Digital Experience event […]