So, just who is Doug Kranz?

Hello, my name is Doug.  Welcome to my site of shameless self promotion as a Christian, Husband, Photographer, Photojournalist, Gadget Geek, Vintage Motorcycle Mechanic, Disney Dork (and pin trader) and what ever else that entraps my mind. I have led, and continue to lead what I consider to be a privileged life. I have traveled, the country as a circus performer,  I have photographed many things and events in my life, have loved photographing in the motorsports industry, enjoyed working on vintage motorcycles and bringing them to life. I love to go out in the middle of nowhere with my camera and photograph what is (or isn’t) there. I love to play with electronics, play with technology, create websites, build computers, push things to their limit. I love a challenge.

Most importantly, I am a Christian. And to me, this means I accept that Jesus is the Son of God, that my sins and sinful nature separates me from God, and that Christ’s death on the Cross has paid for my sins in the eyes of God. It does not mean that I will not sin again, or that I can do no wrong. I will. After all I have a sinful nature. It does mean I am forgiven if I ask for forgiveness. Much of my blog will be about the topic of my Faith. I am just a regular guy with an incredible  God

I hope to show you that being a Christian does not mean being a stagnate, stick in the mud, goody two shoes, but that we can live our faith in everything that we do.

You can follow me on Twitter @doug_kranz and on facebook (DougKranz)

So, grab your self a drink and enjoy Through my Eyes..


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