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To vape or not to vape, that is the question…

During the CES Show, I received three “vape” devices to try out. These are similar to the e-cig devices. Now, you get my 2 cents on three of these devices, as well as “vapeing” DISCLAMER: I do not endorse or condemn “Vaping” I would like to see more study on long term health affects that vaping might […]

AfterShokz Music Gear when you need personal music and hear whats around you.

*****UPDATE***** I have had the opportunity to work with the Bluez Aftershokz. AWESOME! Now all the greatness with out the wires! I am in NY helping family run a family campground, and I use these constantly to listen for text/email/phone calls/and music while operating equipment. Of course, I also wear hearing protection. In a week […]

Wow, when did it just get super busy??

Wow. Let a week slip by and it gets really busy. I have several products I will be telling you about, though sadly delayed just a few more weeks. The biggest news for me is my decision to join the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure, a bicycle ride consisting of an 8, 30, 65 […]

I am sadly out of shape.

I am sadly out of shape, years of neglect leaves me gasping for air at times. I have a fitbug Air, a device that measures your steps. I am no where close to 10,000 steps that you should do a day. I just got a recumbent bike, the Bike E CT. (might be getting a […]