To vape or not to vape, that is the question…

During the CES Show, I received three “vape” devices to try out. These are similar to the e-cig devices. Now, you get my 2 cents on three of these devices, as well as “vapeing”

DISCLAMER: I do not endorse or condemn “Vaping” I would like to see more study on long term health affects that vaping might have on some one, and to know all the ingredients in the juice.  As it is right now, its called “safer” and a “healthier” alternative to smoking. It’s hard to find any solid evidence online that it’s bad for you like cigarette smoking. For some one trying to kick the smoking habit, this MIGHT be one of several alternatives. If you have totally kicked the habit, and are completely smoke free, I would be cautious about trying or using a Vape device. Vaping, even with zero nicotine juice can be addicting. And with out really knowing if there are any ill health effects, I suggest you use strong caution. They once said that cigarette smoking was 100% safe and not to worry.

First, I received vapes from Hangsen, Hoffco, and last Blac Label. Most of the oil was also from Hangsen. We will brake it down by brand.

I will also add, that most of the oils were nicotine free. I kicked the cigarette habit 460 days ago. I knew this would be “dangerous” enough with out adding nicotine.

First up is the Hangsen. The first atomizer, I felt almost nothing, and barely a taste. I later found out this due to the mixture, not so much the device. I did stop by and see Hangsen but sadly had communication issues. They did give me another atomizer to try out that had a longer wick. The first atomizer was considered a bottom feed. The tip was a polished metal. Over all very elegant looking. The biggest con of atomizer is it’s easy to unscrew the tub instead of the battery, loosing quite a bit of your “juice” I have done this very thing at least 3-4 times already. To defend Hangsen, if this was my only device, it would not be hard to train my self to remember what to twist.

The second atomizer from Hangsen was a top feed double wick. While I liked this atomizer a lot, feeling it gave better flavor, This atomizer only last me two weeks before it burned out.

As I mentioned Hangsen provided me with several oil or “juice” Flavors like Cappuccino, Juicy Triangle, Cherry Berry, Ice Mint, Carmel,  and Coco-Banana. Cappuccino had almost a buttery aftertaste to me, what ever it was, I did like it. I also really liked Coco Banana and Ice Mint. I did try mixing ice mint with a few other flavors, with so-so results. Its a trial and error.

Next up is the atomizer from Hoffco. This vape I thought at first gave me more of a “throat hit” later I found out it was the juice they had in it. The battery was a little shorter making it a little easier to carry around. This has a top fed canister. The button was also easer to find. It was a little lighter to carry as well. It soon was my favorite device to use. The atomizer was a 4 wick system, which I tend to like just a little more then the double. I think it helps with the flavor. I could be wrong.

Charging was by a micro USB plug at the bottom. It was also a “pass-through” so you could vape and charge at the same time.

Last up is Blac Label. The most interesting thing about the battery is it has a meter letting you know how many times you have “hit” and a battery power indicator. The tip is a soft rubber compared to metal on the Hangsen or plastic on the Hoffco. Of course the tips are interchangeable.

The unique thing about all three of these devices, are that all the atomizers and batteries are interchangeable. It’s nice to see that there is a standard in the sizes so everything can be interchangeable.

A week or so after I got these, our church had a sermon about “reaping what we sow” and few things came to mind about these and the fact there is so much we don’t know about them.

So, take these as you may:

Our Destination Tomorrow, is Determined by our Direction Today (Our actions today play a big role where we wind up later)

We Don’t Reap On The Same Day We Sow. Sometimes there is lag time. (Vaping today might give us issues down the road)

The Danger of the Lag Time? Lag Time works against us in two ways:

1. It tells us the Rewards are Never Coming (By not smoking, I don’t see the rewards of not smoking instantly)

2. It tells us the Consequences are Never Coming (like smoking cigarettes, I never thought I would have issues related to smoking)

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?

Making excuses to avoid pain

3 The only way out of our habit of excuse-making is: Being Honest and Taking Action.

“Am I being completely honest with myself?” (is vaping completely safe or will I ignore the possibility it is not until I know for sure)




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