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ThinkTankPhoto’s Speed Racer 2.0

ThinkTankPhoto’s Speed Racer 2.0 . I am not sure if I need to classify this as a shoulder bag, or a waist belt/bag. It’s both! Not only that, you can use it either or and together as both. Simply put, for some jobs, this is the perfect bag. I can cram a 100-400 mm, Flash, […]

ThinkTankPhoto Slingo-O-Matic 30

ThinkTankPhoto Slingo-O-Matic 30          I love ThinkTank products, each bag has had a lot of thought put into it’s use and it’s function. I can see where the Sling-O-Matic line  can be the absolute perfect bag for some. Walking around downtown, or a stroll through a park, this is a perfect bag. Plenty of room to […]

Think Tank Photo’s Airport Security

ThinkTank Photo is an incredible company, and makes incredable gear for the photographer. The Airport Security is an incredible bag. Simply, It holds all your gear. (I know a photographer that has two bodies, 17-35mm, 24-70 mm, 70-200 mm, and a 400 F2.8, mono pod, chargers, flashes and a few other things in his) Key features: TSA […]