So, what defines who you are?

There has been a lot to try to wrap my mind around the last few weeks at church.  The past two evenings have been no exception. Our church once a month or so, will have a Wed. Night service that is dedicated more to praise and worship then to an actual Bible study. We call em’ Passion Night.  The praise and worship team selects a psalm and runs with it. Last week was Psalm 34. I got a lot out of it, but then they give you something that so incredible, so awesome, trying to wrap your mind around it is just plain hard.

God is Holy. His Son, Jesus lived a sinless life. And then there is the Holy Spirit, who is Jesus, Who is God, who is blameless, sinless, perfect, holy, So, now we have ourself. Our sinful nature, all of our yuck. Even on our best day, we don’t come close to measuring up to God’s Holiness. So, what would want to live in that? God loves us so much, that he lets the Holy Spirit live in us, even though we are undeserving, Wow. Like when Christ was Baptised, and the sky’s split open, and the Holy Spirit descended on Christ like a dove. The holy spirit descends to live in us. God, living in Us. Why? Because God Loves us. As wretched as my sin is,  God still loves me and wants to live in me. Wow. So, how does that define me?

I will not let me sinful nature define who I am. I will not let it dictate who I am, I will only be defined through the eyes of Christ. So, who defends who you are?

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