Savior, you can move the mountian

“Savior, you can move the mountains” is one of the songs that I have sung a hundred times in church. (Or is it more of a joyful noise to God, ask my wife). Last week, it seem to make me think a little. Before when I had heard this, I thought of God, moving the mountain. I don’t know if He was up in heaven and reaching down with his hand like a big excavator making truck like noise, or reaching out of heaven and grabbing the mountain and tearing it out of the ground. (I am a guy, that’s the way we think). But last week when we sang it, I got to thinking about the mountains in people’s life. Jesus can move mountains in our life.I thought what  a mountain to me, might be a grain of sand in some one else’s. I mention this because there are so many things I hear from others, about their “mountains” but to me its nothing at all if it were happening in my life That is the part that made me thing. If it’s a mountain in your life, Jesus can move that mountain. And unlike me, to Christ, it’s as big as a mountain to Him as it is to them.

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