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Keyboard companion for the iPad Mini

Zagg was kind enough to send me a Folio Keyboard for the iPad Mini. This is one of several keyboards I have had a chance to try, but the first for the iPad Mini. If this keyboard would fold all the way over, it would be perfection for some. Of course if you use this case […]

Mini Style!

We have become very attached to our tablets. I know I hardly go anywhere with out my iPad mini now. Of course it being the mini, all of my other bags I have for the iPad are just a tad to big. Sometimes that’s fine, but other times I want something just for a small […]

STM Bags has you covered!

I was recently sent a few items from the STM Bag Collection, including the Skinny, Scout 2 and the Nomad Laptop Bag. Starting off with the Skinny, This great case seems to offer some nice protection with a hard shell case that has great corner protection. I like the fact that the iPad is easy […]