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Yes, I will have a Coda POP with that iTunes please.

iFrogz Coda POP blue tooth speaker and hands free device. Cons: Takes a special plug to charge. Only a few hours of battery life. (I have played it more then two hours on one charge, but its advertised at two hours) Pros: Size, Water Resistant, Easy to Pair, AUX Jack, Many colors. I like to […]

CES has started for me……

I just got my 7th CES Press bag. This means this is my 7th year at this event, and for me, getting my press bag is the start of this great electronic show. The next event for me, in just a few hours is the CES Unveiled, three hours of the newest products for this […]

The biggest eletronic show in the world!

The Consumer Electronic Show, (CES) is just a few days away. This show is the show that I look forward to all year, and in fact is responsible for this blog being started. This year, I hope to tell you about some really cool additions for your iDevice, and compare many “on the go” charging […]