Yes, I will have a Coda POP with that iTunes please.

iFrogz Coda POP blue tooth speaker and hands free device.

Cons: Takes a special plug to charge. Only a few hours of battery life. (I have played it more then two hours on one charge, but its advertised at two hours)

Pros: Size, Water Resistant, Easy to Pair, AUX Jack, Many colors.

I like to play bad 80’s songs from Pandora while I work in my office. Many times, I just like the background noise, and the iFrogs Coda Pop is a refreshing treat to use. It takes up very little room on my desk, about the size of a silver dollar and¬†just 2¬†inches tall. Don’t let the size fool you. Big sound fills the office as I rock out to The Bangles. When I start the Coda it plays the sound of a soda can being opened. It makes me want “To Walk Like an Egyptian” But if some one calls me while I am walking like an Egyptian, (probably the neighbor asking me to turn down the music) The Coda Pop is also a hands free device. If I really want to go all retro I can plug my tape deck into the Coda, slid the switch to AUX and it’s like the 80’s all over again!

The Coda Pop retails for just $29.99 on the Zagg/iFrogz website

Disclaimer: I really listen to Disneyland Park music.

Look! A rainbow of colors! Seven in all!


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