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Escort MAX 360

Escort MAX 360 One of the best radar detectors! Years ago, while I was in my late teens, early 20’s I had a few radar detectors. Every supermarket would set them off, and they became more annoying then useful to me. Three or four years ago I got ahold of a ESCORT Passport that connects […]

Hello Thermostat?

Yes, I talk to innate objects. Like most all men, I talk (shout?) at the TV, Computer, and cars. I talk to my iPhone and iPad. They answer. I tell my thermostat that I am cold. It turns up the heat. I tell it I am hot, It cools. I say hello, it says hello […]

News from and about WPPI!

This year for WPPI, I am doing something just a little different, along with the normal products I tell you about. This year, I have two guest bloggers who have never attended WPPI before! I would like to introduce to you two great ladies. Shelly and Nancy! Shelly has been a professional photographer for a […]

How would this world be if all of corporate America did this?

Chic Fil A gives out free food to motorists stranded in Southern snowstorm. Here is the story Just think if all companies had this kind of heart. This is what happens when a company puts Christ first.

Something Cool We are doing for WPPI

Have you ever thought of attending a trade convention like the Wedding and Portrait Photography Expo, better known to most as WPPI? Not sure of what you will get out of it? This year, we are inviting a new and (upcoming) photographer to blog about her  experience as a first time attendee of WPPI in […]

And, thats a wrap, or thats an Unplug???

The 2014 CES show or Consumer Electronic Show. has been unplugged for the year. I will have some really awesome products to tell you about in the coming months. And, I am looking forward to it! One question I have been asked over and over again, what was the best thing that you seen? What […]

2014. It’s CES Time!

For the past 7 years, I have been starting my New Year off with the Consumer Electronic Show. It’s funny, I remember my first show, I won a 512 meg flash drive. I was so happy! Now, they give away 4 gig sticks with press releases on them. It is amazing how technology changes. So […]

Wiriting season has started and I am late!

Hello! Gosh, it has been a very busy summer! I spent most the summer in NY helping my family run a campground. But, with that, it will give me more things to work and test out through shows like the SEMA show and CES Show. The SEMA show is starting next week! I am so […]

The only thing stopping this TurnStyle sling from being perfect is my equipment’s weight.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to test the “Sling-O-Matic” by ThinkTankPhoto. It seemed to be a little bulky, and did not work well for me at conventions. Also, after a while my back started to ache. Of course, it does not help that I have a Canon 1dMark III and a 100-400, […]

My Tour de Cure…. CONTINUES!

What I have come to realize and learned this weekend’s Tour de Cure. I have been training for this weekend for 2 and a half months. I thought that this was the ending to, a stopping point. I found out, It is a beginning. Everyone has a pas…sion for something, everyone has a cause that […]