Escort MAX 360

Escort MAX 360

One of the best radar detectors!

Years ago, while I was in my late teens, early 20’s I had a few radar detectors. Every supermarket would set them off, and they became more annoying then useful to me. Three or four years ago I got ahold of a ESCORT Passport that connects with the Escort LIVE app.(I did a review in the early days of this site which crashed a few times during the start)  I have been using a radar detector ever since! No, not because I like to break the law and speed around town or down I 15 on the way to Disneyland. I like the reminder to mind my speed. I like to think of radar detectors as a way to remember to go the speed limit.

Earlier this year Escort sent me Escort MAX 360. Like the Passport, it provides great radar and laser detection. It works with the Escort Live App. The previous Passport will only work if you have a SmartCord Live Power Cord or Smart Cord Direct Connect. The Passport 360 has it’s own bluetooth built in. I have only tested the 360 blue tooth with the supplied power cord, When you use a SmartCord Direct Connect the phone defaults to it, and the Radar can not be found. It does seem to work with the DirectConnect Cord. (The DirectConnect Cord enables to you wire it to a power source, and not have to use one of the cigarette lighter ports)

What is cool about the Max? You can see what direction the radar is coming from! I admit when the radar goes off, I start scanning for our friends in blue. It’s almost a game with my wife and I to see who will spot them first. Now I know where to look! Other things I enjoy about both the Passport and the MAX, is you can customize the colors on the leds, and on the Max (dont remember on the Passport) you can also change the way the alerts look on the screen. It is easy to mark or unmark speed traps. It has a built in GPS so you dont always have to use the ESCORT Live app.

The ESCORT Live app is pretty cool in it self too. It marks where police has been from you, as well as other users of the Live app. Though, I am not a big fan of this feature (people avoiding police could use this feature to well, avoid police)I see where it could be useful for some. The Live app also makes it easier to set up your detector. Changing colors, bands that detected, alert tones are just a few of the things that you can do.

Updating firmware in both units have always been an issue for me. It seems after ESCORT updates it the first time for me, it updates fine. I have yet to figure out why. This could be an issue for some, you either need to stop in to their office in IL, or send it in. (I was passing through once so I stopped in) I am also fortunate I see them at trade shows like CES and SEMA, and they are always happy to help.

Speaking of going to their office, I have only had one experience, but it was a great one. I had a problem with one of my Escort Live Cords. They took the time to repair it, when they could of just sold me another one. They did not charge me for a repair, replaced a suction cup mount that was not holding the passport as firmly as it should, and updated the firmware.

Radar Detector Technology has advanced in leaps and bound since my first try with detectors to today (at least a 20 year span) ESCORT is now a very trusted brand in my cars.

I could fill you in on all the technical details, but if your like me, you would have to look up every other word!

You can check out the Escort MAX 360 at the Escort Website

If your car has WiFi, check out the New MAX 360 C!



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