2014. It’s CES Time!

For the past 7 years, I have been starting my New Year off with the Consumer Electronic Show. It’s funny, I remember my first show, I won a 512 meg flash drive. I was so happy! Now, they give away 4 gig sticks with press releases on them. It is amazing how technology changes. So what is big this year? Wearable Tech, Wearable Health Tech. The Connected home. It’s either electronic monitoring or electronic controlling. You have to wonder, how healthy is it. Does it really help enhance our life and make us healthier or does it make us to dependent on our electronic gadgets? It’s all in how you use them. But how would you feel having your phone tell you that your not brushing your teeth correctly, because the toothbrush sends data to your phone? Or how about the watch that monitors heart rate? Or the headband that does pulse, body temperature? Or the light bulbs you can control by your smartphone?  So, I think it’s you go for a run, ride, or gym, then you come home to watch a little tv, and your to tired to turn off the lamp so you use your cell phone?

Personally, I love it. In fact, it was a pedometer that got me to start exercising more, that lead me to biking, that lead me to doing 4 Tour de Cure’s for the American Diabetes Association. And yes, I do have a cell phone holder for my bike. The Tablet mount should be in next week…

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