The Commercialism of Christmas

Like many, I used to be put off by the commercialism of the Christmas Season. The idea of stores opening Thanksgiving morning to get a jump on the holiday sales season really kind of angered me. Seeing the first of the Christmas Commercials way before Thanksgiving Day would make me scratch my head. Really? All ready? but its not even Thanksgiving yet…

Then a few weeks ago at a major theme park who also capitalizes on Christmas Sales it hit me. All this because a savior was born for the world. The world gets all up in a tizzy to celebrate the birth of Jesus. All the sale ads a month before Thanksgiving, stores that can’t wait to get a jump on the holiday sales, all the commercialism is because Christ was born. How fitting, that our Savior causes the world to jump on the celebration of His birth. Christmas time tends to make people a little nicer if for a month (unless your brown Thursday or black Friday shopping). And how many people that are not Christian still celebrate the Christmas Season with exchanging of presents, decorating their house with lights? Or people that would not do anything silly most the year wear a Santa Hat for a month? Or steal a kiss under the mistletoe? All this just because we celebrate the birth of Christ. (who, was more likely born in the summer)

Now, I welcome the commercialism of Christmas. Because the world is celebrating the birth of the Savior.

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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