And, thats a wrap, or thats an Unplug???

The 2014 CES show or Consumer Electronic Show. has been unplugged for the year. I will have some really awesome products to tell you about in the coming months. And, I am looking forward to it!

One question I have been asked over and over again, what was the best thing that you seen? What was that one WOW thing.  Believe it or not, the wow item for me does not take any power at all. This product will be unveiled in a blog soon, so I will not spoil it here. I will give the hint that it’s a device for photographers.

Of course there are some wow items that take power. But I have seen so many things, so many awesome things that I don’t want to point at any one things. Each thing has it’s own wow factor to it. I loved the smart watches. I loved the iDevices I loved the innovations in GPS and in Radar detectors.

I think the biggest Wow factor in everything I have seen, is the passion that has gone into creating each device. I love seeing how the people have a passion in what they do, and they truly believe in their products. It’s this passion that drives the industry we all undeniably love. (ok, maybe not all of us, but most of us).

Now, if I can only get technology to clean my desk….

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