AfterShokz Music Gear when you need personal music and hear whats around you.

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I have had the opportunity to work with the Bluez Aftershokz. AWESOME! Now all the greatness with out the wires! I am in NY helping family run a family campground, and I use these constantly to listen for text/email/phone calls/and music while operating equipment. Of course, I also wear hearing protection. In a week or so, I will give a full, separate review on the Bluez!

Face it. We can’t live with out our music. It’s either the radio, or MPS or streaming (for the older folks, CD’s or GASP Cassettes!) There are times when you want your music, but also need to hear around you, though cant use a speaker. So, what do you do?

I pull out AfterShokz, the bone conducting headset. I have used these at a NASCAR race while shooting, with proper hearing protection, these were great to walk around the garage and pit area while it was Hot. I could hear the scanner clearly and still hear around me. When in a hot garage like NASCAR, you need to hear around you, but at times you also have to listen to other communication. All this while protecting your hearing. Aftershocks worked great for this!

I am also a biker. And, a bicyclist. The aftershocks works great on the bicycle, allowing me to hear around me, and still have my personal music. It really becomes a mater of safety. I feel safe being able to hear what’s around me. I feel comforted by my music. I have a video with me wearing Aftershokz, but they are so small you would never notice! But you can try: Video Here

For the Motorcycle: This is a personal preference thing. The  good/bad using Aftershokz with a helmet is either it will work or it wont.  Depends on how tight your padding is. Some might fine it a little uncomfortable. But again, you can hear what’s around you.

The Aftershokz sits just under the ear on the jaw bone. It has a loop over the ear, and comfortable to wear. They have corded models with and with out a mic, and also a blue tooth headset which I have not had the privilege of trying yet.

If your into sports and music, you need a set of these. If you like racing but hate the big ol ear phones, you need these. If you work in situations where you want your personal music, or communications, but need to hear around you, you need a set.

One last cool thing about Aftershokz, is they are from my home town of Syracuse, NY. Its great to see something great come out of Syracuse besides hot dogs and the Orangemen!


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    We love this post here at AfterShokz! We are very surprised how positive your feedback was wearing them at a NASCAR race. We were worried the environmental noise would be too loud, haha. Additionally, not a lot of people have given us feedback on motorcycle compatibility. We appreciate you outlining the general problems… hopefully most riders find it comfortable!!! If you or your readers have extra time, we extend to you the opportunity to check out some of our posts as well! Happy Listening!

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