One wall adapter, so many uses

How many times have you gone to a hotel, only to find your a plug short to charge your iPad, Phone, Blue Tooth Head set and….. Accell’s Home or Away Power Station might be your solution. It was mine! This wall adapter plugs in to any normal wall outlet, but has three outlets to plug into and, two usb outlets to. I have a double usb charger that I plug in, which gives me 4 usb charging ports on the Home and Away Power Station. When my wife and I travel, this gives us just enough plugs to charge all our devices by usb. My wife and I enjoy a older hotel when we visit Disneyland, and it’s nice to have the extra surge protection along just in case that is provided by the Power Station.


While we are talking on Accell be sure to check out their ultra thin HDMI cables. When I first got a HDMI TV  I got some really thick and wide cables. Little did I know I could of gone thin! Check out the line of HDMI Cables by Accell

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