Mini Style!

We have become very attached to our tablets. I know I hardly go anywhere with out my iPad mini now. Of course it being the mini, all of my other bags I have for the iPad are just a tad to big. Sometimes that’s fine, but other times I want something just for a small tablet. When that’s the case, I turn to STM Bags and the Blazer D7 Sleeve. I got the iPad mini for the size. I

The D7 by STM

don’t always need a big tablet to do what I need. And, I don’t always want to carry a large tablet bag either. The D7 fits the need. Unlike a lot of other sleeves out there, the D7 has enough room for your tablet and it’s case like Zero Chroma and the Vario-SC Mini case or keyboard case like the Zagg Folio.

The D7 has two zippered pockets and one open pocket. The front zipper pocket has enough room for a few small things, even a small phone, though its a tight fit. The back un-zippered pocket is great for paper, business cards, things of that nature.

Now all that was the Pros of the D7. Now what I did not like about the D7: The carry handle seemed to be on the bottom of the bag, and if you did a hap-hazard zip, the tablet could fall out. The strap is attached so you carry the bag in a landscape position or horizontal. I would of loved to have the option of carrying it in portrait or vertical by the strap.

Over all, the D7 is a great bag. In fact, my iPad is snug in it right now. You can find the D7 on the STM Website at and on Amazon for about $25.

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