Powramid. When you get round to plugging it in…

Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station

Being a geeky gadget guy, you can imaging the amount of power adaptors I have. And he ones hated the most are the ones that take up two plugs, or worse, three because of the size or the orientation of the plug. Sometimes I have to add a power strip to a power strip because of this. Of course, this is not something I really like to do. Not only is it unsightly, it’s also dangerous. Accell has a round about solution. Its called the Powramid. It’s not only a power “round” with two usb charging ports, but a Surge protector too.

Now many power strips have a short cord. The Powramidhas a 4 ft. grounded plug so you can put it just about anywhere with enough to reach the main power outlet. And it comes with a 5 year connected Equipment $100,000 limited warranty! Its a cool power strip  round that gives you enough room to plug in the big power adapters. Its small enough that it will fit on top of your desk. Great way to charge a cell phone, blue tooth, tablet, and still be able to plug in a battery charger. You know the normal things you need to have plugged in at the desk.  I know several media rooms that need a few of these on every table.

Here is the breakdown of the features:

· 1080 Joules Of Surge Protection
· Six Adapter Friendly Outlets
· Grounded 4 Foot Power Cord
· Power Stop Technology – automatically stops conducting power once the Powramid’s absorption has reached capacity
· Fireproof X3 MOV Technology
· Green On/Off Switch for White Powramid
· Blue On/Off Switch for Black Powramid
· 4 Rubber Feet that Protect Furniture from Scratching
· Safety Switch Cover

Here is another nice feature: it’s only $24.99 And its available from Accell (also a great place to pick up other cables you might need too)


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