Keyboard companion for the iPad Mini

Backlit. Sleek. Perfect.

The iPad Mini Folio by Zagg.

Zagg was kind enough to send me a Folio Keyboard for the iPad Mini. This is one of several keyboards I have had a chance to try, but the first for the iPad Mini. If this keyboard would fold all the way over, it would be perfection for some. Of course if you use this case with the Bracketron Universal Tablet Floor Mount, it’s perfect.

First off the pairing was quick and easy. It did not give me any issues. I charged it last week, and still going strong. It has great battery life so far!

The worst thing about this keyboard (any keyboard for the mini I would expect) is learning to type in smaller area. We are all use to full size keyboards, and were able to re-train our self to type on iPad keyboards. It did not take me long to adjust once again to a smaller keyboard. Once you get used to the small form, Typing feels natural, and the keys respond with out having to stomp on the keys. The keys are backlit so your able to see the keys when you start to type.

The case does not feel like it adds a lot of extra bulk . It still fits nicely into a bag or sleeve made for the iPad mini (read the blog about the  STM D7). As I mentioned, it worked well with the Bracketron Floor Mount. I was not able to use a Bad Elf GPS. I might be able to modify the case or just add a extender if I needed to. The outside of the case has a leather like feel, and it feels great in my hands. The case holds my mini securely, though its easy to remove the mini when needed.

For $99.99, it is well worth the investment, if you work out of your mini like I do. Its nice to have a mobile office this small! You can get the Zagg iPad Mini Folio directly from Zagg with free shipping if your in the states at:


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