ThinkTankPhoto’s Speed Racer 2.0


Speed Racer 2.0


I am not sure if I need to classify this as a shoulder bag, or a waist belt/bag. It’s both! Not only that, you can use it either or and together as both. Simply put, for some jobs, this is the perfect bag. I can cram a 100-400 mm, Flash, 17-40mm, and a 24-70 mm with a body. Often I will use one of my skin bags to make things a little less crowded, but this small bag will hold quite a lot.

It’s fairly comfortable to wear as a waist bag, easy to turn the bag on your hips. Unfortunately, for me, I am not a skinny guy and have no rear end, so it does not stay up on me with out the shoulder strap.

What would make this bag great, is if it had a flap on the back, so it could be attached to a harness system like the Belly Dancer. Even with out, it’s still a perfect bag for many, jobs

Inside you will find two dividers so your able to configure exactly what you want. and I also love the front zippered pocket, easy access to cards, (both camera and business) pens, and also a quick place to stash that lens cap.

Another nice feature is the zipper on the top of the main bag, easy to shove a lens cap through unless your like me and prefer to use the front pocket.

The sides have a small pouch that’s great for that bottle of water, flash, or small lens. Behind the pouches are a pocket that holds the belt when you just want the shoulder strap.


And last, ThinkTankPhoto always has something that amazes me in almost everything they do. The amazing part is always the thought that goes into the product. On this bag, its the extra loop on the belt so you can also clip the shoulder strap.

PMA is just a few days away, and I am anxiously awaiting to see what is new from ThankTankPhoto!

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