Making an iPhone (or Andriod) Feel more like a camera?

This is a press release I just got. This looks like it would be lots of fun…

cooltopia Announces Snappgrip, a Snap-On Smartphone Camera Grip providing Full Control with One Hand

Snappgrip empowers iPhone and Galaxy S3 photographers with enhanced grip and easy access to camera functions

See Snappgrip at the CES Digital Experience event – January 7, 2013 MGM Grand Hotel

London  –cooltopia announces Snappgrip, a snap-on camera controller for your smartphone with shutter, zoom and shooting mode controls making it easier to take the perfect picture. Smartphone picture fanatics can now hold their phone in one hand and snap off those spontaneous pictures with ease. The Snappgrip is completely portable, compact and removable so that you can slip it into your pocket or take it out quickly to capture any moment. It also features a tripod mount and a dedicated photography app for comfortable camera handling and phone use. Whether you’re a mom, student, traveler or avid smartphone photographer, the Snappgrip is the accessory you’ve been waiting for and will eliminate that extra camera that you always have in your pocket. Snappgrip is expected to be released worldwide in February 2013 for £69MSRP but can be pre-ordered now for £29-£49 at

“In studying the idea of app-connected accessories and considering the ubiquity of smartphones and how they relate to everyday life, we came up with the idea for a camera add-on that would completely transform the iPhone photography experience,” says Lee Harris, Creator of Snappgrip. “The end result was the creation of the Snappgrip which allows anyone to take the perfect picture quickly and easily while being completely functional with normal phone use.”

The Snappgrip controller communicates with our Snappgrip camera app over a Bluetooth data connection and works with both iOS and Android. The app includes features such as photo sharing and self-timer operation.

The Snappgrip controller provides easy access to real shooting controls including:

  • Shutter Function: Full press to take picture, half press to focus
  • Shooting Mode: Portrait, landscape, flash and video
  • Zoom Function: Zoom in for close ups or zoom out for wide shots

Additional Snappgrip features include:

  • An iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3-specific case to which the Snappgrip controller is easily attached or removed
  • A tripod mounting point at the base of the controller
  • A power switch and a micro USB connector for easy recharging with any standard USB/micro-USB cable
  • An internal lithium ion battery that will last up to 60 hours on standby

A range of cases and apps for additional smartphones will be released following the funding of the Kickstarter campaign. Developers interested in supporting the Snappgrip controller can register their interest at

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