Countdown to CES Continues….

My last free day for a week. Tomorrow starts CES with the CES Unveiled show at the Mandalay Bay Resort. This is a media event for CES, and where I will get a sneak peak of about 100 or so exhibitors at the CES Show. Monday, I have only one appointment, Tuesday all the fun starts! ¬†For me, this is the true start of the year. And, man, it’s a lot of fun.

I have been heavily prepping for CES this year, lining up new things to see, things to compare, things I can have fun blogging about. All this has been no less then 50 e-mails a day. Monday, I will have just a few things to get done, route out who I need to see in what halls.

Like every year and I hope this will be the last year, I have been totally redoing my website, and switched content managers to WordPress. So, if you have suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

With everything, I am still finding some time to rest. From the time I post this blog until the time I head to CES Unveiled, I will take that time to relax. God knew how important it would be for us to take a break, to rest, to have a time where you were not expected to produce anything. So, do your self a favor. Take a break. God said so.


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