I am sadly out of shape.

I am sadly out of shape, years of neglect leaves me gasping for air at times. I have a fitbug Air, a device that measures your steps. I am no where close to 10,000 steps that you should do a day. I just got a recumbent bike, the Bike E CT. (might be getting a different recumbent bike style this weekend) I just did my first mile. My knees are screaming. My stomach feels a little knot. 113 days ago, I had my last cigarette. I am at best, a borderline type II┬ádiabetic (If not diabetic) I am at least 30 lbs or more over weight. And, I have run out of excuses why. I have more tools at my disposal to track progress, and I intend to use every one of them. The change starts today…

OK, was that dramatic for you? I do need to make a change. And I am slowly working to that. Quitting smoking was the first step. Trying to eat healthier is step two. (that’s always the hardest) and step three is to purposely get more exercise. I don’t like the gym/health club much. I do love to bike. And, I am finally getting the style bike I have always wanted. I am blessed!

I will keep you informed of my progress!

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