Wow, when did it just get super busy??

Wow. Let a week slip by and it gets really busy. I have several products I will be telling you about, though sadly delayed just a few more weeks. The biggest news for me is my decision to join the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure, a bicycle ride consisting of an 8, 30, 65 or 100 mile tour. I have always walked the other way when it came to tests of endurance. Unless it involved a buffet, I was not going to do any of that crazy exercise stuff. I have photographed many events like this, including marathons and Tri-Athlons. I always wondered why people would put them self through such agony. Suddenly, I find my self wanting to do the 100 mile tour. Reality is I have signed up for the 30 miles because I know I don’t have enough time to train for the century ride this year.

If you get a chance, please click on the Tour de Cure link at the top of the page, and you will find links to my Tour de Cure Facebook page, and a link to my donation page.

Thanks Ya’ll


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