Always on the hunt for a good God analogy:

This is from a friend, Seth Bowman. Thanks for letting me post your thoughts!

Always on the hunt for a good God analogy:
I saw a guy sit through the entire green light the other day, front of the line, not paying attention. It was an old man and what looked like his grandson, and I didn’t want to honk. He finally looks up when the light turns yellow, and is the only one who makes it through the intersection.

I realize that salvation is both a moment and a process, loosely Justification-Sanctification-Glorification in church-speak (and I like to talk most about the oft-overlooked sanctification part), but this was a pretty good illustration of what a deathbed conversion is like. That’s what most of us are banking on, right: “Get this whole God-thing worked out eventually”? Well that’s not what the God of the Bible had in mind.

We were created to do good works, and those good works are the evidence of our faith, the witness of God in us. Think of everyone impacted by the witness of your life as the car behind you, and they theirs, on and on and on. If each of us “gets to it one day”, it’s the ones behind us who suffer. Your kid won’t grow up in church, hear the Gospel and follow. Instead they’ll hear it later, after being a pissed-off teenager cause their dad’s a bastard. The people they would have impacted from ages 14-30 will have to wait too. Everyone in the line will have to wait.

I know that God is sovereign in salvation, but I think this is a good illustration of what our part (or the lack thereof) looks like. It’s a fact that the light will turn red one day.

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