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I am typing on what could be one of the slimmest keyboards known to the iWorld. It comes with a hard shell case and its made by Hatch&Co. Ok, its just really cool. The keys are flat, and only takes a slight touch to type. Unlike most silicon covered boards which you have to hit fairly hard, this cool keyboard you don’t have to pound the keys. Like any new keyboard, it will take a little while to get used to. How ever, I do like the arrow keys on this keyboard, as well as easy function keys. After CES, I will do a more in depth review on this keyboard from Hatch&Co. in fact I will have a few more keyboards to try in the coming weeks.
Tomorrow is the last and final day of CES 2013. Its been a great and fun show. I hope to spend a few hours at the PMA Show and cover any last things in the central hall. Down the road, ya’ll

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