Now this is totally usefull!

I walked the isles of the iLounge yesterday, I think I got most of it covered. The iLounge is any and everything for the iDevice.  There is one thing that sticks out in my mind that I think almost every one can use. A gang usb power strip. How many of us have devices that use a usb port to charge?  KOPI will satisfy this need soon with a high end power strip with 8 usb ports for charging your device. It gets better! You can select how fast or how many amps to charge your device. Your Bluetooth head set wont need what your tablet will. This strip will charge both. I can’t wait for this to come out. I have so many different wall plug adaptors, that this will be a very welcome way to clean up my desk area. Once this product is release, I will give full details.

Another new trend hitting the iDevice market is wood shells. I seen at least 3 companies yesterday, but one company sticks out in my mind. Toast, an American Company has a fantastic line of real wood coverings for your iPhone and iPads. Though one thing was kind of dis-hearting to me, and that was a case with a slogan from the movie Pulp Fiction. I really wanted to blog about this company, but this slogan was raunchy and to many, offensive. I had almost resolved not to blog or mention Toast until I went to church last night.

Like any large city, it might not be uncommon for a adult establishment to be down the street from a place of worship. Our praise and worship leader (Band Leader) had been out of  Vegas for a few years, and when he and his wife came back, noticed that a local adult book store was still there. Sad because this establishment was still open, and even gotten larger, right down the street from where we worship. The amazing part, The wife of our Praise and worship leader started to bring them a pizza, a box donuts even. They knew it was important that they let this place know there was a church down the street that LOVED them and cared about them.  At the same time as husband and wife, started to pray for the owners and employees. The prayer, is for transformed lives. Wow. That put things into perspective for me, reminded me, I don’t need to be condemning, I need to be a light. Thanks for the wake up God…

Now for CES 2013 day 3..

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