Day 2 and I am ready to go!

I looked this morning and I have 4 new devices chargingĀ  today. And that’s only day one. Today I will cover the iLounge area and the PMA portion of the show. I hope I have enough time.

Yesterday, I walked 12,436 steps, covering more then 9 miles of floor. You can track my progress of steps at Fitbug Challenge. The goal for the four days is 60,000 steps. That is about the amount of steps it takes to run the Las Vegas Marathon.

Today, some of the toys I will be playing with today will be the I’m Watch, and the Blue Ant Bluetooth devicesĀ Commute, Ribbon and Endure. I have already used the Commute and Endure a little, and I am impressed with the Commute. I will fill you in on everything else in the coming weeks!

I am off to CES day two!

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