Uhhhh Good Morning God

All of this prep for the CES Show, It’s like I have not taken any time with God. I mean I have kinda. Just not here on the blog.  This shows how we at times put God first and other times put God 2nd or even further down the list. I know I am not the only believer that feels like this.  

Our church has a Logo, the letters GF in a circle. The GF Stands for God First, and it’s a reminder for us to put God First in our life. It’s one of them decals you see around Las Vegas on cars a lot. I have not put one on my car. I know I probably should, and give my self some accountability. What I really want, is a GF sticker for my steering wheel. I think I need the reminder more for my self then for the person following me. I also think it would be cool to have tinted glasses with a lighter GF tint in each lens. Sometimes I feel like I need the Donkey encouragement.. A GF logo a foot or two in front of me, (The donkey with carrot tied to a stick dangled a foot in front of it) Yeah, I think that’s what I really need.  So, I pray that God will help me see a GF logo where ever I go today..



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