This Jam can help you BURN Calories!


The Blackberry Jam by HMDX

This Jam comes in a jar. This Jam comes in flavors. And this Jam can help you burn calories. HMDX Jam is a small bluetooth speaker that has Big sound. In fact, When I first paired this bluetooth speaker to my iPad, I was amazed by the sound, I actually looked around to see what was playing the music. It was that good. For the suggested price of $49.99 its worth every penny. Like everything, it has pros and cons, and the only con I can see is the only 4 hour battery life, though it still works while you are charging, (just not sure how much it charges) This 4 hour battery life is while its in bluetooth mode, if  you run a 3.5 MM jack cable between your device and the Jam, it’s said you can get 12 hours. It’s also rated at a 30 foot range, but I have walked through the house with it leaving the iPad in the other room and had no issues. Last, the foot print is only 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″ so its a small. But again it has big sound. I walked around the house with the iPad, and left the Jam in one place, and I could clearly hear it. Now here is the biggest problem I will probably have with the Jam. is that my wife will probably want to take it to work with her. I might have to get another Jam for me! Oh, and to burn calories.. put on some dancing music and dance!


Available in Apple (green), Apricot (orange), Blackberry (grey), Blueberry (blue), Grape (purple) and Strawberry (red)


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