Some exciting blogs comming up

With in the next month, There will be a few interesting blogs about ways we use our iDevices in our cars, SUV’s  and trucks. It’s amazing at just how much the iDevices can do. From GPS to OBD 2 reading, to music and videos, and everything in between.

Another series I am working on doing, is the iDevice Fitness.  I started out with a fitbug Air at CES. This device pairs with your smart phone and helps you calculate steps through the day. Sadly the second day of CES the fitbug Air was lost. The great people at Fitbug took pity on my plight and send me another. And so far,  I see I need to walk twice as much as I do. I am sure this is the case for many of us. And its great that there are devices like this to help remind us, and encourage us to do more!

I will also be blogging about some sound for the Idevice and a few cases, mounts and covers. So please, stay tuned!

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