Almost perfect: 2 Skinny by Hatch & Co.


Only 7mm Thick!

As mentioned in a previous blog, I have been working with the 2-Skinny by Hatch & Co.  If you are the type that only uses a keyboard at a desk, and like me, need the sound when the key is pressed, the only con you might have is in a quiet atmosphere, like a class taking notes. If your sure-fingered, then this might be the prefect keyboard case combo for you.  In fact the only thing I personally don’t like about this keyboard is the fact that it’s hard to use in a lap. Of course, many of us who will use the iPad sitting in a recliner or bed, are reading a book, or playing a game. And the fact this will fold over like a book is great. Once again, the thickness of the 2 Skinny make this comfortable to do (The Keyboard is only 7 mm). I have normal cases that are thicker. A few other things I like about this keyboard: The case offers protection all the way around. It also lights up so typing in the dark is easy. Bright enough to see but not blinding! And it makes a great churp when you hit the key if you have sound enabled (the only downfall is if your in a quiet atmosphere) and last, I love the battery life. This is a once a week charge device for me.




Folds like a book!




2 Skinny by Hatch & Co


One last thing that makes the 2 Skinny great: the $89.99 on Amazon!

If your like me and like to type while sitting in the recliner, then you might want to consider Hatch&Co’s  Skinny + 

Although not tested by me, I think the Skinny+ would be the perfect keyboard case combo for us couch/recliner iPad power users! It offers more of a folio style case with the slim keyboard style offered by the 2 Skinny

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