Blue Ant gets a Blue Ribbon with the “Ribbon”

Have you ever had a favorite pair of ear bud or earphones that you wished were bluetooth enabled? Have you gotten tired of cords? Or how about turning your car stereo or home theater in to the perfect iDevice receiver? Or how about that old pair of decent computer speakers?  Blue Ant had a solution with the Ribbon. Not more then two inches long, less then 1.75 inches wide, this little device picks up your bluetooth signal from your phone or bluetooth tablet and sends great sound to what ever your listening on. First time we used it in the ol’ Isuzu Rodeo my wife said, what? No Wires? I think I like this! She was able to play music through the iPad the entire 300 or so mile trip were were on. I love to use this device in the evenings when I play a few games on the iPad before bed so that my racing games don’t disturb my wife. I also use it on the home theater system to play music, and have a nice pair of computer speakers that we no long use that work great with the Ribbon.  To complete this great little device, it also has a mic, so if you are paired with your phone, you can use this as a blue tooth device to receive calls. I think Blue Ant really gets a Blue Ribbon for the Ribbon!16 Overview_Ribbon2Features_Lifestyle1

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