Luvvitt’s Ipad Keyboard, I love it!

I have had the privilege of working with three keyboards for the iPad this week. I like each one for different reasons but if I had to choose just one, I think it would be the Luvvitt’s Ultra Slim Keyboard. First off, it feels very natural typing on this keyboard. That is the biggest draw for me. When Igo for the delete button, it’s where my fingers remember it to be. Believe me, I do a lot of deletes. Its also easy to pair with your iPad, or iPhone. And, its also a smart  cover when your iPad is not in use. The entire frame of the keyboard is a stand for the iPad. The magnet keeps the iPad secure when the iPad is in landscape. in fact, I am sitting in a comfortable recliner, listening to the news as I type this review on the Luvvitt Slim Keyboard. I have the iPad vertical on the keyboard, on my lap.
While this keyboard is also a smart cover, (held on with magnets, much like a smart cover) your not able to keep the keyboard connected as your fold the keyboard back to back.  This would be an awesome keyboard if it had a hard-shell case. and were able to fold the case.  If that were the case, it would be installed on my iPad permanently. Please realize the last statement is my personal preference in a keyboard. For many people, the style of keyboard would be perfect for their needs. This keyboard retails for $69.95 on the Luvvitt Website


The Luvvits Ultra Slim Keyboard Cover, also available in black!


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