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AfterShokz Music Gear when you need personal music and hear whats around you.

*****UPDATE***** I have had the opportunity to work with the Bluez Aftershokz. AWESOME! Now all the greatness with out the wires! I am in NY helping family run a family campground, and I use these constantly to listen for text/email/phone calls/and music while operating equipment. Of course, I also wear hearing protection. In a week […]

It just feels great..

I have had the pleasure of trying the Other World Computing’s leather iFolio. The best I can compare it to is the feeling you get when you hold a leather bound Bible. There is just something that is comforting about that leather bound bible that is just so familiar. The iFolio gives me that same […]

NewTrent Keyboard Case Combo: The Airbender

This review is typed on the NewTrent AirBender . This is actually the second AirBender from New Trent, the first was a demo from CES, and the space bar was well, spacey. So, this review starts out with the A+ customer service. The process was quick and painless, I had a replacement in less then […]

STM Bags has you covered!

I was recently sent a few items from the STM Bag Collection, including the Skinny, Scout 2 and the Nomad Laptop Bag. Starting off with the Skinny, This great case seems to offer some nice protection with a hard shell case that has great corner protection. I like the fact that the iPad is easy […]

This Jam can help you BURN Calories!

This Jam comes in a jar. This Jam comes in flavors. And this Jam can help you burn calories. HMDX Jam is a small bluetooth speaker that has Big sound. In fact, When I first paired this bluetooth speaker to my iPad, I was amazed by the sound, I actually looked around to see what […]

Some exciting blogs comming up

With in the next month, There will be a few interesting blogs about ways we use our iDevices in our cars, SUV’s  and trucks. It’s amazing at just how much the iDevices can do. From GPS to OBD 2 reading, to music and videos, and everything in between. Another series I am working on doing, […]

Blue Ant gets a Blue Ribbon with the “Ribbon”

Have you ever had a favorite pair of ear bud or earphones that you wished were bluetooth enabled? Have you gotten tired of cords? Or how about turning your car stereo or home theater in to the perfect iDevice receiver? Or how about that old pair of decent computer speakers?  Blue Ant had a solution […]

The X-Mini “Pop Up” Speakers

The weeks after the Consumer Electronic show for me is like a few weeks of an electronic playground with things for me to test and play with. I had to be quick with playing with the X-Mini speakers, because my wife loves them so much they visit her at work every day. I am not sure […]

Luvvitt’s Ipad Keyboard, I love it!

I have had the privilege of working with three keyboards for the iPad this week. I like each one for different reasons but if I had to choose just one, I think it would be the Luvvitt’s Ultra Slim Keyboard. First off, it feels very natural typing on this keyboard. That is the biggest draw […]

How strong is your integrity?

Yesterday, a lead reporter for left his position. And it’s because of a dispute between Dish Network, and’s parent company, CBS. Apparently, voted Dish Network’s Dish Hopper the best of CES. CBS said they can’t be because of litigation with Dish Network. I applaud Gregg Sadoval for standing up for what he believes […]