It just feels great..

I have had the pleasure of trying the Other World Computing’s leather iFolio. The best I can compare it to is the feeling you get when you hold a leather bound Bible. There is just something that is comforting about that leather bound bible that is just so familiar. The iFolio gives me that same comforting feeling when I have my iPad. Plus there is room for a small pad and pen, business or credit cards, so this can be your man purse or “murse”. ¬† You have 8 colors to choose from too! One other nice feature is the camera hole in the back.

The only downfall I see is that this will not act as a stand like many others. Though, If your using a program like  You Version bible program and take this to church, (or on a sales call and need to take notes, or taking inventory, doing an email) this is the right dress up for your iPad.

NewerTech iFolio for iPad

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