Overwhelming (in a good way!)

My first WPPI experience turned out to be exactly what I had expected- overwhelming (in a good way), exciting, educational, and most importantly inspiring. My first day consisted of taking one inspiring class and checking out the show floor for the first time. I was introduced to dozens of new products to say the least.

As a commercial photography student, I am learning new techniques and new tips daily in class. On the other hand, WPPI opened my eyes to things that I may have never known about through school alone. The products are definitely going to best be presented at WPPI compared to online searching or seeing an ad. Not only do you get to have professionals show you how to use the products, but you’re able to test them out for yourself. Hands-on testing only makes you wish you owned these items even more. The possibilities are endless with these products. As I tested them out and learned about them all, my creativity ran wild. I felt as though my love for photography started all over again and I cannot wait to be able to produce beautiful images with these products in the future.

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