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How strong is your integrity?

Yesterday, a lead reporter for left his position. And it’s because of a dispute between Dish Network, and’s parent company, CBS. Apparently, voted Dish Network’s Dish Hopper the best of CES. CBS said they can’t be because of litigation with Dish Network. I applaud Gregg Sadoval for standing up for what he believes […]

Now this is totally usefull!

I walked the isles of the iLounge yesterday, I think I got most of it covered. The iLounge is any and everything for the iDevice.  There is one thing that sticks out in my mind that I think almost every one can use. A gang usb power strip. How many of us have devices that […]

Uhhhh Good Morning God

All of this prep for the CES Show, It’s like I have not taken any time with God. I mean I have kinda. Just not here on the blog.  This shows how we at times put God first and other times put God 2nd or even further down the list. I know I am not the only […]

Countdown to CES Continues….

My last free day for a week. Tomorrow starts CES with the CES Unveiled show at the Mandalay Bay Resort. This is a media event for CES, and where I will get a sneak peak of about 100 or so exhibitors at the CES Show. Monday, I have only one appointment, Tuesday all the fun […]

To Resolute or not to Resolute, that, is the question….

It’s the dreaded time of year. It’s the 3rd day of 2013, and I wonder how many of you have broken a new year’s resolution. (yep, 3 days is all it takes for so many) I did not make any resolutions. I rarely ever do. I did decide that I would make New Year’s day […]

Newtown, CT.

On Friday, December 14th, A gunman shot and killed 20 six and seven year old children, six educators, and his mother in Newtown Ct. Where is God? Like the rest of the country, I grieve. I hurt. I am angry. I am sad. I am in disbelief. I struggle to find words of comfort for […]

The problem is not the goverment, it’s us….

The problem does not lie in our goverment, it lies in us. I know this is a hard pill to swallow for many of you. You have to take some blame on your self instead of blaming something or some one else. Obama said himself that the United States of America is not a Christian […]

Our God has a sence of humor!

My wife and I have been praying about the idea of moving east. I am from the east coast, and my wife is from the mid west, and well we are fish out of water in the desert. Our prayer was answered a few weeks ago, well kinda. Our Pastor retired, and he and his […]

Using your Tallents

I had the pleasure of watching a video of Lee Stroble, the author of the Cause for Christ, on our church website. I was away photographing the NASCAR Races in Fontana when he visited our church. His testimony was awesome to listen to. It made me think of his talent as a journalist and how […]

So, what defines who you are?

There has been a lot to try to wrap my mind around the last few weeks at church.  The past two evenings have been no exception. Our church once a month or so, will have a Wed. Night service that is dedicated more to praise and worship then to an actual Bible study. We call […]