The problem is not the goverment, it’s us….

The problem does not lie in our goverment, it lies in us. I know this is a hard pill to swallow for many of you. You have to take some blame on your self instead of blaming something or some one else.

Obama said himself that the United States of America is not a Christian Nation any more. So, why is that? Our government is in a huge debt, why is that? Many people lost their homes due to the forclosure crises. Why is that?

Simple. we have individully as a nation, turned from God. How many of you think, Sunday is my only day of rest, I am not going to church today. Or I am busy enough, I don’t have time for church? Ahhh. and you still wonder why we are not a “Christian Nation” We have turned from God and stopped following Him. We stopped sharing His word. Less people that know his word will mean less Christians. Less Christians will mean less polical figures that are Christian in a public office. See a pattern here?

The Bible is simple. God first. But many of us have put God second, third, fourth, or even further down their list. God is not first in our life, how can he be first in our Country.

Christ told us to share his word. If we are sharing his word, then more people will follow Christ. If more people are following Christ, then we would have more Christians in office running our country. We would have more Christians working with other Christians in office. When there are Christians together there is fellowship, there is a higher level of accountability.  But it takes effort. It means going to church. It means going to small groups, Sunday school. And yes, Wednesday Night Bible Studies. It means put God in front of your self. It means give God control in your life. So you dont want to give control? Is your life in control now?

Church is about Worshiping. Worshiping a God that Loves us. Loves us so much that he GAVE his only Son as a payment for our sins. We want a hand out? BAM! There it is. We want a bail out? BAM! Church is Worshiping, and its learning, and it’s fellowship. If Church to you is about politics, then find another church.

Our national debt. Brought on by bail outs. Bail outs due to foreclosures. If people took time to research how much they could actually afford in buying a house, instead of letting the banks say you can afford this, do you think we would have had so many foreclosures? Wait, if there were more Christians helping other Christians in public office…

So you have a choice. Do you want the nation to be a Christian Nation? Do you really want Hope and Change? Christ will give us Hope and Will Change us, if we ask Him to.

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