Zagg makes me see colors!


folio plusZagg was kind enough to ship out a ZAGG Pro Folio + for the iPad 3. Of course this is not the first keyboard I have tried for the iPad, but it has some great qualities. So, lets start off with weight. We all know when we add a keyboard to the iPad, it gains some extra weight. Like the keyboard for the iPad mini sent to me by Zagg, I was surprised that the weight was not that much.  I like using the Tech Slinger pouches when ever I can, and the Pro Folio + fit perfectly. Other keyboard combos I have tried it gets a little tight. I love having a back lighted keyboard. It helps when I type in dark situations, like watching TV, or in bed. and with the Pro Folio +, I have the choice of blues, greens, Red, purple, and white. That would be 7 different color variations! Nothing like matching keyboard backlighting color to your mood!

Typing was almost painless. But I can tell that this keyboard design was made for better typers and spellers then I. The lock key is right above the delete key. There has been several occasions where I have hit the lock instead of delete, and turned my screen off.  Of course, the more you get use to the keyboard, the less of a chance you have of hitting that lock key. I type on 4 or more keyboards, its hard to get used to all of them quickly.

backThe Pro Folio + case has a luxurious leather feel to it, much like the Zagg Keys Folio for the mini. It comes in black, dark or light brown and white.

And last, I charged this once, a long time ago. I have used the keyboard about every day and its still showing almost a full charge.

For $129.99 you get a rock solid case and keyboard combo. closedYes, some might think that the price is a little high. But when you have quality, it’s not cheap!





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