The BlueAnt Commute. A hands free speaker that does not sound like a Speaker Phone

This is my first review of a hands free speaker unit. All the devices I have had the privilege of working with has been headsets, but never a speaker like this.


The Elegant Ant!

The BlueAnt Commute works flawlessly! The aspect that surprised me the most, is that no one knew i was on a speaker phone in the car. In fact, they were surprised I was on a blue tooth device. The unit it self is sleak in a gloss black. It clips onto a visor so its out of the way, but there when you need it. I noticed that my phone would automatically pair when I would get in my Rodeo. As mentioned, no one ever knew i was on a speaker phone device, driving with the radio on. I was told it sounded better then most of the headsets I use. Keep in mind I drive a older Isuzu Rodeo 4WD so its not the quietest in fine transportation!

The audio was crisp and clear when listening to my caller. It was just as clear when used with the GPS or music. The volume was easy to control with a swipe motion. And last, it was easy to activate what my wife calls my electronic girlfriend, Suri. Although she has a hard time understanding dictation no mater what device I am. I suspect she was a little better with the Commute.

Last, I tend to charge the Commute  every two weeks or so, I often forget to turn it off when I leave the rodeo. For power iPhone users, you might need to keep a eye on the iPhone On Screen Battery Meter.

Sadly, there is an android app for this device. I don’t have any Android devices to see what its all about.¬† regardless of what phone you use, the BlueAnt Commute will be a purchase well made.

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