A nice refit!

How many of you have two or three mag lights in your tool box, and two or three cheep LED flash lights in that same tool box? They take up a lot of space don’t they? TerraLux has a inexpensive solution for all your heavy duty Mag Lights. For your two-three cell light, try the MiniStar EXB I put this in a Maglight and there was huge notable difference in the light power it produces. Think of what you have spent on the cheep LED lights. Probably pretty close to the $23.99 retail price.


Mini Star 5 6EXB


So, you think that the two cell mag is to big.. but you still have a few mini mags laying around.. TerraLUX has you covered with MinStar 2 Extream.¬†Why we should refit and reuse? The mag light was not made as a throw away light. LED has come along and changed the way we light our flashlights, LED has less power usage. In the long run, it will save on batteries, light bulbs, and last the throw away LED Lights that work a few times then die. You brought the MAG light for a reason…


$23.99 The MiniStar2 Extreme for your mini Mag

Of course, if you must buy a new light, TerraLux has a full line of Tactical, Professional and General Purpose high powered LED lights that can light up the night or that tight area on the bike where light normally does not shine…

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