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Some exciting blogs comming up

With in the next month, There will be a few interesting blogs about ways we use our iDevices in our cars, SUV’s  and trucks. It’s amazing at just how much the iDevices can do. From GPS to OBD 2 reading, to music and videos, and everything in between. Another series I am working on doing, […]

Blue Ant gets a Blue Ribbon with the “Ribbon”

Have you ever had a favorite pair of ear bud or earphones that you wished were bluetooth enabled? Have you gotten tired of cords? Or how about turning your car stereo or home theater in to the perfect iDevice receiver? Or how about that old pair of decent computer speakers?  Blue Ant had a solution […]

The X-Mini “Pop Up” Speakers

The weeks after the Consumer Electronic show for me is like a few weeks of an electronic playground with things for me to test and play with. I had to be quick with playing with the X-Mini speakers, because my wife loves them so much they visit her at work every day. I am not sure […]

FitBug Air, I miss you!

Beginning of CES, I had a fitbug air device that measured my steps per day. The first day, I had over 20,000 steps, which was about 9 miles. Sadly, The next day my fitbug jumped person and was lost. I will not know just how many steps I took during CES. Though, I might be […]

And now, coverage of CES really begins…

Now that the worlds largest electronic convention, The Consumer Electronic Show (or CES) is over, The real coverage can begin. I have four boxes of things to go through, each box with lots of things for me to blog about. Some I can blog about right away, others, I need a chance to play with […]

Gloves for touch screens? USB Charging Port at your eletrical outlet? Cool!

Living in Las Vegas, it usual does not get cold enough to wear gloves. But there is that occasion in the evening where there is just enough chill while walking the dog where gloves are nice. But then, you get a call, a text, or an e-mail. If your gloves are not to bulky our […]