My Tour de Cure…. CONTINUES!

What I have come to realize and learned this weekend’s Tour de Cure.
I have been training for this weekend for 2 and a half months. I thought that this was the ending to, a stopping point. I found out, It is a beginning. Everyone has a pas…sion for something, everyone has a cause that is near and dear to them. For me it’s diabetes. It hit me about 3 years ago. There are still times I am in denial that I have diabetes, but deep down I know it’s there. I know if I don’t take care of how I eat, and if I don’t exercise, Metformin will once again be a part of my daily life, along with pricking my finger to test my blood sugar 1-6 times a day. Now, I can control my diabetes with diet and exercise. Will I always be that fortunate?
People know the devastating effects that cancer can have. We have seen the result of chemotherapy. We have all heard the stories.
But have you heard of the person that has to draw their blood every morning first thing, even before their morning coffee. We usually never know why that person has only one leg or know of the pain of neuropathy.
I am blessed, I was diagnosed before it really got out of control. I am blessed that I had resources through my health insurance to learn how to manage diabetes. Then there are others that are not so fortunate. There are people that diet and exercise alone will not control their diabetes. These are the people I am riding for again.
I learned this weekend, that this is a start. That people can live life to the fullest no matter what. I met some incredible people this past weekend. I will ride more Tour de Cures, not for me, but for my fellow Red Riders. My Fundraising Continues at

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