Saying thanks to Jars of Clay.

My wife and I had the opportunity to travel down to Phoenix, AZ to “Canyon Fest” A music festival put on by Extreme Faith Productions. Although there was some great bands like Audio Adrenaline and Crutch Foot, we went down because the Band Jars of Clay was there.
Music means different things to different people. For me, this band was used to show the power of the Holy Spirit very early in my Christian walk. I was given their first CD before I was a believer. I thought the beat was good, but the lyrics did not make any sense to me. Even after reading the lyrics, I still had no clue what they meant. Soon after I gave my life to Christ, I listened to the CD again. I need to say I listened to this CD again before I did any bible studies, or church attendance, or Sunday School. And when i heard the lyrics, I understood. It was amazing to me, and a moment I will never forget. The members of Jars of Clay said “Oh Wow” as I pulled out their first CD for them to autograph, and thanked me for sharing my story. I felt good, I was able to tell them how God had used them to affect my life.

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