Childish Rant?

Gosh I have to learn how not to reply to e-mails before I have my morning coffee. Because my reply will probably sound childish if the e-mail upsets me, or does not go the way I might hope. Sadly I am better at being childish at times then anything else.

The email I got this morning was a e-mail of media credential denial. See there is a show here in Vegas that walks just ahead of the CES Show. It’s called Digital Experience! and it’s put on by Pepcom. Last year they failed to let in famed writer and blogger Leo Laporte (Story here). Then a few days ago I came a crossed this blog saying Pepcom open to all working journalists (Story Here). In Pepcom’s defense, neither of these blogs are from or commented on by Pepcom. There is no way for me to confirm the second story. And in the case of Mr. Laporte, We just don’t know all the facts. I have seen similar things happen at race tracks, where an accredited track photographer was denied credentials at another track, even though both tracks were owned by the same company. So in retrospect, I am being childish because my small amount of work in the electronic field is not enough to be recognized by Pepcom as a member of the media. So Pepcom, I hope you have a great show this 2013!

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