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Our God has a sence of humor!

My wife and I have been praying about the idea of moving east. I am from the east coast, and my wife is from the mid west, and well we are fish out of water in the desert. Our prayer was answered a few weeks ago, well kinda. Our Pastor retired, and he and his […]

Using your Tallents

I had the pleasure of watching a video of Lee Stroble, the author of the Cause for Christ, on our church website. I was away photographing the NASCAR Races in Fontana when he visited our church. His testimony was awesome to listen to. It made me think of his talent as a journalist and how […]

So, what defines who you are?

There has been a lot to try to wrap my mind around the last few weeks at church.  The past two evenings have been no exception. Our church once a month or so, will have a Wed. Night service that is dedicated more to praise and worship then to an actual Bible study. We call […]

Savior, you can move the mountian

“Savior, you can move the mountains” is one of the songs that I have sung a hundred times in church. (Or is it more of a joyful noise to God, ask my wife). Last week, it seem to make me think a little. Before when I had heard this, I thought of God, moving the […]